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About Us



Paula's Pantry's story began December of 1986 when three sisters, with the support of their parents, family and friends began the hard work of creating a list of ingredients and thoughtful methods that would hopefully have the outcome of a successful recipe of a homestyle bakery it is today.  Through the years there have been some additions and alterations to the core business idea, but Paula's Pantry has managed to maintain the feel of "home" as you enter their doors.  Friendships have been formed as we have had the luxury of being part of a neighbourhood yet close to the center of our beautiful home town.  We take pride in being a go-to for many when they need something familiar, yet continuing to grow as you suggest and challenge us with ideas for baking and meal suggestions.

We invite you along the journey with us as the main ingredient in our story!

Paula's Pantry Over the Years

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